Frogfoot selected as fibre internet service provider

After the submissions have been received through the RFP process we appointed Frogfoot to provide fibre services for the Lynnwood Fibre Initiative (now covering a large part of Pretoria East). The RFP process had submissions from Dark Fibre Africa, Fibrehoods, Frogfoot, Link Africa, Telkom Wholesale (Openserve), Vodacom and Vumatel. The competition was tough, however after our evaluation process through a scored weighted matrix Frogfoot was the clear winner with a score of 93%. Second place received a score of 86% while third place scored 67%. All the supporting documentation, submitted proposals, calculation tables, memorandum of understanding etc. can be found here.

Current progress

Trenching is currently underway in Zone 1 (Lynnwood), and about half of the suburb has been completed. The aim is to finish with Zone 1 early 2018, whereafter work will commence in Zone 2 (Lynnwood Manor). For the latest progress updates, please visit our facebook page.

Actions you can take

  • Fast
  • Unlimited
  • World wide web


Open network means more choice, more control, less cost, and no duplication. Any ISP can deliver service on the network, and we benefit from their competition. You can easily choose between speed, data, and ISPs at an instant's notice. Once the fibre is installed, there is no need to ever lay a network again. Fibre is future proof, and an open network guarantees access to any service provider.


The latest research shows that fibre to the home can increase the value of your home by up to 8%. Homes in areas with high quality fibre are in greater demand, and these homes are in short supply. The average house in Lynnwood is valued at more than R 3 Million. Even a just a 1% increase in property value would pay for a 100 Mbps fibre line with a 200 GB data cap for more than TWO AND A HALF YEARS!


A Fibre network in the Lynnwood community allows for increased security. The Fibre network could connect CCTV cameras within our community. These cameras could focus on the entrances and exits of the community, as well as other high risk areas (such as parks and open areas of land). Your home security camera could be monitored from anywhere in the world, to make sure everything is still in order while you are away.


With always on, high speed internet, your child's education is within your control. With all the resources available on-line these days, you can ensure education is maximised. Websites such as Khan Academy provides classes and tests from Primary school to university level on all the important subjects. Struggling with maths? There are extra maths classes right on the other side of the screen. Even adults are never too young to learn about a new topic, and Coursera has a course for everyone. With Fibre internet there is no need to hold back on internet access, and no need to hold back on education.


Fibre Speeds in South Africa can reach up to 1 Gbps. It is 25x faster than the fastest VADSL speed, and 250x faster than the average ADSL speed. Even better, you achieve full speeds over your line during all 24 hours of the day. Don't consider yourself a speed freak? Don't worry, there is an option for everyone.


Stream media to your TV over the internet, in full HD quality. Services such as Netflix, Show Max, Vidi and Front Row allow you to watch your favorite series and movies on demand, with thousands of titles at your fingertips. This means you can watch your shows when you want, pause, rewind, and watch again at your own leisure. Enjoy faster web surfing, faster downloads, better quality YouTube videos, and crystal clear Skype calls.